So you've been stalking us for a while.  You've "liked" us on Facebook (thanks for that!), you've taken--or thought about taking--a tour, or maybe you even stopped by to attend a class with us.  That's all great, and we're always happy to have you, but now we think it's time you made a commitment.  What?  Don't look at us like that!  It's just we've invested so much time and energy into you, we really think it's time you settle down and focus on one coworking group.  We have so much to offer you!

Okay, fine, you won't marry us.  But how about you become a member?  Becoming a member at greenCOW is about more than just bragging rights.  Our members get access to our facility and resources like no one else.  Best of all, we have several price points--each with their own fantastic perks--so you don't have to worry about paying too much or too little.  Let's talk about those now:

  • Free Range Membership:  This membership is perfect if you just want to dip your toe in.  For $49/month you get to join our coworking space 5 times per month during normal business hours.  Even better, you get free use of our small conference room and half-off our medium or large conference rooms!  This means that if you've been using these spaces before, your membership's already paying for itself, and if you haven't it means you can start making your membership pay for itself!  Plus you can get mail sent to the coworking space for only an additional $20/month!
  • Associate Membership:  So now you've decided you love being a greenCOW member, right?  You've decided maybe it's time you commit a little more.  Maybe you can put a ring on it (okay we'll stop with the marriage metaphors).  For $99/month you now get unlimited access to our coworking space during normal business hours, plus all the perks from the Free Range Membership!  From five times per month to an unlimited times per month speaks for itself, right?  This is without a doubt our most valuable membership.
  • Premium Membership:  This is our priciest membership, but we promise it is well worth it.  For $149/month you can finally tie the knot (that was seriously our last one), and get your own reserved desk!  It's yours!  Meaning you no longer have to carry all of your materials back and forth, meaning you get to have meetings with clients across a desk, meaning you finally have a place of your own!!!  Additionally, you get all perks included above PLUS you can add on our mail service for only $10/month.

So there you have it!  So stop thinking about doing it and just do it! Just click here to start signing up now!

Still need to schedule a tour?  Click here!

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