LEGO Serious Play: Strategic Imagination Workshop (AM Session)

Are you a problem solver? Team leader? Entrepreneur? Aspiring entrepreneur? Whether it is creating new products and services, finding better solutions, or spotting new opportunities, “innovation” is critical to your success. So where does innovation come from? It all starts with imagination. Enter the LEGO and unlock the deepest parts of your imagination to solve problems in this workshop.

Participants in this workshop will...

  • Be introduced to and work with three different types of imagination
  • Gain a better understanding of their own preferred approach to imagination as well as the preferred
    approach of those with whom they work;
  • Experience the engaging, hands-on LEGO Serious Play methodology. (Yes, we will literally play with LEGO).

This workshop is valuable for anyone who faces the challenges of finding new solutions, particularly current and aspiring entrepreneurs and team leaders.


*There are two sessions of this workshop available! 9am and 3pm. Each session lasts between 90 and 120 minutes and is open to 8 participants.*

This class is taught by Christopher Duignan. Christopher is a certified Lego Serious Play facilitator with over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, coach, advisor, and educator. Having owned businesses, coached other business owners, and taught courses in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation, Christopher brings together a special set of experiences and perspectives.

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