Are. You. Kidding. Me. Have you seen the news? Purdue University Northwest is opening a coworking space down the street from greenCOW and having a ribbon cutting August 8th. Can you believe this nonsense!? We just opened greenCOW in January, and now they want to come into our territory and steal our idea and our business? Get the pitchforks! Grab your megaphones! It’s time to stop this injustice before it starts!

I joke.

We knew about the plans for Purdue’s new coworking space for a long time, and greenCOW eagerly welcomes the new space at CMEC. Why? It’s simple, and it’s actually part of the reason coworking itself works as a concept. Collaboration is at the heart of coworking, which is why you see so many coworking alliances popping up (I’m looking at you, Zoseco). We realize that by working together, we can achieve more than working alone.

Ever notice how McDonald’s and Burger King are almost always next to each other? Similar concept.

In big cities, all you have to do to fill a coworking space is open the door. People know what they are. They’re out there searching for them because they need better places to work. In areas like ours, where greenCOW and CMEC have opened up, the market has to be educated before a buy-in can ever be secured.

To us, another coworking space in the neighborhood means three things. First, it means the idea is valid enough for someone else to jump in the market. Second, it means our team of people educating the region on this new concept of “coworking” just grew – for free. Now instead of the greenCOW team being the only entity spreading the word to the market, we have the booming voice of Purdue walking alongside us. Finally, competition just down the street will necessitate that we keep the quality of our services up, and innovate new ways to go toe-to-toe. Who benefits the most from this? You!

Purdue’s new space focuses on a segmented market – those interested in manufacturing and engineering (if that’s you, get over there! Like, now!). While there may be some overlap in our potential member base, the opening of a coworking space other than greenCOW is one of the best things that could have happened for the advancement of the coworking industry here.

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