FUSE + greenCOW Coworking Productivity Day

FUSE Business Training will be doing a Co-Working Day once per month at greenCOW Coworking. This Co-Working Day will also be open to GreenCow Members as well.

What will make this once per month event a little different than how you normally co-work is that there will be accountability and time management tied into it so that you get even more done in less time.

This is a full day event, but is come and go as you please. You can come for 1 hour, a few hours, or for the whole day! We'll work in 25 minutes increments (with 5 minute breaks in between each session) on specific tasks. After each session, we'll report to the group how much we completed of the task we intended to work on. We'll repeat this process all day long and get more work done than ever before!

greenCOW Coworking's motto is "Work from somewhere you 'want' to be, not 'have' to be" and I'm confident that this is the place that you do want to be!

If you are a Fuse Member or a GreenCow Member, attendance is Free. If you are NOT a member of either, you will pay the one day rate for GreenCow Co-Working, which is $12/day. You'll pay this when you sign in at the front desk.

Comment here. We appreciate your feedback!