We’ve been hosting events at greenCOW for a while now, and we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to ensure absolute success. Here are 3 key tips to making your class, workshop, or training, an event that people will keep talking about even after they leave. 

Embrace the Dry Run

Hosting an event is not the time to be practicing your improv. Running through your presentation, and if possible scouting out the place beforehand, is key to making sure that you present confidently and clearly. Schedule 15 minutes of your time to practice using the space, and really make it your own. Remember, people are coming to see YOU at your best.


Provide Takeaways

You have got a lot of great ideas, and you’ve put a lot of time into developing your courses so that you can share your information with your attendees, but what about when the class is over? One way to make sure that your attendees have gotten the most out of your event is to offer takeaways, such as a small flash drive with your class materials loaded onto it, can make sure that your reach expands beyond the classroom.


Promote Carefully

We all know that getting our stuff out there is the key to success, otherwise, marketing wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2016 alone, America spent nearly $200 billion on marketing and advertising. Promotions are not one size fits all, though. Try utilizing segmented lists to send out more direct, targeted information to your base, as well as following the 4:1:1 rule.

The 4:1:1 rule is easy: for every promotional post you make, share one relevant post from someone else, and then publish 4 posts that are not promotional. Evergreen content is key for these posts because if you do nothing but post promotional items, people will lose interest, so always make sure that you are providing something of value with your promotions.

Hosting events can be a key part of growing your business and your brand. Leveraging these three key tips can ensure that your event will not only bring people in but be a valuable event that will bring lasting success and value to your attendees. Thanks for reading! 

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