Twitter Level 2: Learn How to Use Hashtags to Find Prospects

It’s a fact that today’s youth is the future of our nation. Would you love to work with this market, learn from them, and share your opportunity with them? Twitter’s target demographic is 18-29 and is the perfect place to capture young adults right out of high school or college. Don’t worry about what their budget is at this time. There are strategic ways to engage with this generation – and benefit from it.

In this hands-on training course, you’ll learn the proper manner in which to interact on Twitter, how to use #Hashtags to grow your business, and the power of Twitter Lists to expand your audience and your network.

While it is highly recommended that you attend the beginner course of Twitter prior to attending this course, it is not required. You’ll gain a lot of value from the course either way.

2-Part Series

Barbara Caine of FUSE Business Training brings two series on social media for business — packaged together for one awesome comprehensive course. The first 6 weeks will cover “beginner” content. The second 7 weeks covers more advanced information.
First 6 weeks: Beginner Series ($40 per class or get one class free by buying the Beginner Series all upfront for $200)
Week 1 (November 14): Enhance Your Facebook Profile
Week 2 (November 21): Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile
Week 3 (November 28): Enhance Your Twitter Profile
Week 4 (December 5): Enhance Your Instagram Profile
Week 5 (December 12): Enhance Your Pinterest Profile
Week 6 (December 19): Enhance Your YouTube Profile
The second part (Intermediate Series) will continue after the holidays. ($50 per class or get one class free by buying the Intermediate Series all upfront for $300.)

Week 1 (January 9): Facebook Marketing

Week 2 (January 16): LinkedIn for Business

Week 3 (January 23): Twitter for Business

Week 4 (January 30): Instagram for Business

Week 5 (February 6): Pinterest for Business

Week 6 (February 13): YouTube for Business

Week 7 (February 20): Turning Friends, Followers, and Clicks into Conversions.

Admission / Cost

The first 6 classes (Beginner Series) are $40 per class (totaling $240) or get the bundle for $200 (one class free).
The second 7 classes (Intermediate Series) are $50 per class (totaling $350) or get the bundle for $300.
Additionally, you can buy the Entire Bundle of all 13 classes (both sessions) for a discounted rate of $490, which is a savings of $100! When you buy this option, you get the training videos as well, so even if you can’t make one of the courses, you will still have access to the training material.


You will NOT be creating or setting up accounts in-class for any platform. You should already have a working profile for each platform. This is not a series of how-to-create-a-social-media-account. If you need help with this task, please contact Barbara before the day of class at 219-707-1882.

What to Bring to Class

1.) Laptop (and charger – just in case)
*mobile devices are not ideal for these training classes, but can be used as a last resort if you don’t have access to a laptop
2.) Login Credentials for your corresponding site.
3.) Business Cards – for networking! 🙂


FUSE believes that all businesses (large or small) can be profitable and successful while still making an impact in their community. By equipping entrepreneurs with the right tools and strategies needed to start, maintain, and grow a business, we will increase the success rate of small businesses throughout the world, here in “The Land of Opportunity!”
Through Fun, Useful, Strategic, and Easy-to-Implement [virtual and live] hands-on experiences with FUSE, entrepreneurs will grow their business to a new level each and every week! In what has been coined as “the most productive 90 minutes of working [on] your business each week, the end result is greater productivity, more exposure, and continuous business growth!
At FUSE Business Training, we believe that business should be [F]un, [U]seful, [S]trategic, and [E]asy, so we’ve created an environment to equip entrepreneurs with the right education, skills, resources, and connections for ultimate growth and success. Stop working so hard [IN] your business and start making more money by working [ON] your business. At FUSE: We #WorkSmarterNotHarder. We #WorkHardPlayHard. We #LoveLearning. Please join us in our movement to increase the success rate of small businesses throughout the nation.


As the digital age progresses, cubicles are getting smaller. Companies are cutting budgets and sending workers to work from the isolation of home. Freelancers are trying to work from distracting coffee shops. Entrepreneurs are having their growth stifled by unreasonably expensive office space. People are out there trying to get work done in places not built for getting work done. A coworking space is a place for all these people, including you, to get work done and collaborate with others. How do you fit in? A community is made of people. You’re a people. We keep community development at the forefront of all our operations; from designing physical layouts to facilitating scheduled events, our goal is to empower you to never have to work alone, even if you’re working by yourself. Mutually beneficial synergies from people will different skills, experiences, and convictions are manifested at the tables of a coworking space. Will your question inspire the entrepreneur next to you? Can the advice from someone else help you connect the dots? Exactly how you fit in is up to you; a coworking community is like a jigsaw puzzle with no border pieces.
greenCOW Coworking’s motto is “Work from somewhere you ‘want’ to be, not ‘have’ to be” and I’m confident that this is the place that you do want to be!

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