Social Media for Business: YouTube Level Two

Barbara Caine of FUSE Business Training brings two series on social media for business -- packaged together for one awesome course. The first 7 weeks will cover "beginner" content. The second 7 weeks covers more advanced information.

One of two people is going to master social media first: you or your competition. This muti-series course will teach you basic and then advanced marketing strategies to use on your social media accounts. Don't miss out on marketing where your target audience is: online.


First 7 weeks: Beginner Series ($30 per class)

You will NOT be creating or setting up accounts in-class for any platform. You should already have a working profile for each platform. This is not a series of how-to-create-a-social-media-account. If you need help with this task, please contact Barbara before the day of class at 219-707-1882.

Week 1 (January 24): Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Week 2 (January 31): Enhance Your Facebook Profile

Week 3 (February 7): Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

Week 4 (February 14): Enhance Your Twitter Profile

Week 5 (February 21): Enhance Your Instagram Profile

Week 6 (February 28): Enhance Your Pinterest Profile

Week 7 (March 7): Enhance Your YouTube Profile

Week 8 (March 14): Break week; no class

Last 7 weeks: Intermediate Series ($30 per class)

Week 9 (March 21): Facebook Marketing

Week 10 (March 28): LinkedIn for Business

Week 11 (April 4): Twitter for Business

Week 12 (April 11): Instagram for Business

Week 13 (April 18): Pinterest for Business

Week 14 (April 25): YouTube for Business

Week 15 (May 2): Turning Friends, Followers, and Clicks into Conversions.

Admission / Cost

  • Weeks 1 through 7 (Beginner Series) are $30 per class (totalling $210).
  • Weeks 9 through 15 (Intermediate Series) are $30 per class (totalling $210).

Today's Class Description (YouTube Level Two)

Video marketing is a powerful tool for business exposure, engagement, and success! Video trumps all other forms of media because people enjoy watching more than reading in most cases and it's also less time consuming for the end user to digest the information. It's also the easiest way to enhance your search engine optimization because Google owns YouTube and who wouldn't feature their own product before those of others.

In this hands-on training course, you'll learn the elements of a great video that gets found and creates engagement. You'll learn some insider secrets to creating different types of videos, including tips, promotions, tutorials, and more. You WILL create a video in this course and learn what to do with it after it's completed.

While it is highly recommended that you attend the beginner course of YouTube prior to attending this course, it is not required. You'll gain a lot of value from the course either way.

What to Bring to Class

1.) Laptop (and charger - just in case) *mobile devices are not ideal for these trainings, but can be used as a last resort if you don't have access to a laptop

2.) Login Credentials for your corresponding site.

3.) Business Cards - for networking! :)

About FUSE Business Training

FUSE believes that all businesses (large or small) can be profitable and successful while still making an impact in their community. By equipping entrepreneurs with the right tools and strategies needed to start, maintain, and grow a business, we will increase the success rate of small businesses throughout the world, here in “The Land of Opportunity!”

Through Fun, Useful, Strategic, and Easy-to-Implement [virtual and live] hands-on experiences with FUSE, entrepreneurs will grow their business to a new level each and every week! In what has been coined as “the most productive 90 minutes of working [on] your business each week, the end result is greater productivity, more exposure, and continuous business growth!

At FUSE Business Training, we believe that business should be [F]un, [U]seful, [S]trategic, and [E]asy, so we’ve created an environment to equip entrepreneurs with the right education, skills, resources, and connections for ultimate growth and and success. Stop working so hard [IN] your business and start making more money by working [ON] your business. At FUSE: We #WorkSmarterNotHarder. We #WorkHardPlayHard. We #LoveLearning. Please join us in our movement to increase the success rate of small businesses throughout the nation.

Not sure if this training is right for you? FUSE courses are designed to provide value for entrepreneurs at all skill levels and in any industry! Call or text Barbara at 219-707-1882 if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact information for FUSE:

Barbara Caine - (219) 707-1882 - call or text

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