Basic Technology Tools for Business
Dara A. Smith,  owner of Seed to the Nations, will be teaching a one day workshop called Basic Technology- Tools for Your Business Workshop! 
As Business owners there is technology that you will use often, if not everyday, to manage your business. You may use Word to create documents to send to your clients, Excel to manage data of various kinds, and PowerPoint to create presentations for your employees, peers, and customers.  For many people, this technology can be overwhelming or cause people to become nervous when learning something new. However, it's about stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new and better ways of doing things.   
This workshop is designed for business owners that are new to Word, Excel and Powerpoint, or want a refresher on basic skills.  If you have never used these programs before or know just a little about them then this workshop is for you! We will discuss examples of how these programs are relevant to business owners today, and how to incorporate them into what you already do on a daily basis. 

Participants are highly encouraged to bring your own laptop to follow along and experiment throughout the class. Dara will also be available after the workshop for individual discussions and questions.

This event is FREE to the small business community- come one, come all, bring your friends, and be ready to learn! 

Please register for the class by clicking this link to confirm your seat! 

Registration Link

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