Look, we get it.  Coworking is a relatively new concept for Northwest Indiana.  Sure, there are more coworking spaces popping up around here every day, but that doesn't tell you why you should be joining them!  So why coworking?  Well, to put it simply in the most unbiased way possible:  Because it's smart!

Okay, you need a better answer than that.  Let's start with a (very brief) history of coworking.  According to the New York Times, the first coworking space was opened in 2005 in San Francisco, CA by a man named Brad Neuberg.  Brad's idea was simple enough:  Combine the independence of freelancing with the structure and--most importantly--community of an office.  That idea of a community of freelancers is very important, because it creates a network.  We're sure you all know what networking is, but just in case networking is interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career.

The wonderful thing about greenCOW, Neuberg's Citizen Space, or any other coworking location is you're coworking with dozens of other businesses.  Need a logo designed?  Talk to that graphic design freelancer!  Need a new commercial?  That video producer can do it!  Maybe you design clothing and want to offer everyone in the coworking space a special on branded polos or t-shirts!  The sky is limitless when you're coworking, especially in today's entrepreneurial driven economy!  Plus, coworking spaces give you a more professional setting to meet clients in than your home or Panera Bread (because we entrepreneurs love Panera Bread).

So do you see now?  Coworking is a way not to just help your business develop, but to help grow your own client base!  Whether you're business-to-business or business-to-consumer, coworking helps all entrepreneurs benefit off each other.  It's this symbiotic ecology that is sustained on each others' success, and we at greenCOW think there's something really awesome about that.  So yeah, it's just smart!

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