It's been a heck of a road since we opened on January 3rd! We've had dozens of events, met countless allies and partners, and seen membership grow significantly during the last month. We're excited to unveil the new website (hint: you're on it if you're reading this) because it means a handful of awesome new features are at the disposal of everyone involved at greenCOW! Here are a few highlights:

1. Membership directory. Members can no create full profiles, listing their company, profession, skills, bio, and more! The best part is that this information is searchable via the website. This means members can search for each other and even send direct messages back and forth. Additionally, visitors to will see members of the space and even be able to search for members based on what skills they have posted on their profiles! The membership management system itself has had a huge overhaul, and members will find things to be a lot more streamlined than they were six months ago.

2. Improved events. Say goodbye to the manual system of registering for events we used to have. Now members and non-members alike can get tickets for events straight from the website. Additionally, you can add events to your calendar from the website -- check any individual event page for the "add to calendar" link.

3. Online bookings. Forget emailing or calling any time you want to book a conference room. We'll still take your calls and emails, if you'd prefer, but now you can book rooms straight from the website and/or mobile app. By the way: we have a mobile app too! All membership discounts are automatically factored when pricing and checking availability of rooms.

4. Online message board. Download the mobile app and you can stay in the loop right from your phone.

5. The greenCOW blog! Hey, look at that, you're already exploring it!

6. Online registration. Whether its scheduling a tour or signing up for a membership, you can do it online now!

As time progresses more changes are sure to come, and they're always driven by community feedback, so leave yours in a comment below!


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