With 2019 still in its beginning stages, this is the perfect time to work on revamping your business to make sure it succeeds this year and in the following years.

In part one of this series, guest writer Junaid Ali Qureshi talked about the importance of defining your strategic priorities. In this part, he’ll talk about defining your target audience and goals by analyzing the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your internal forces and looking to the future with insights from the past.  

Step 2: Define a target and align the shot!

Once your macro objectives are set, you can analyze your existing internal forces by doing the following:  

  • Acknowledging past strategic techniques that worked...or didn’t work!
  • Defining your typical clients and the clients you wish to attract.
  • Noting whether the products and/or services you offer have been successful and will continue to be successful.

You have to take stock of both what went wrong and what went right with your sales and marketing by asking yourself the following questions:  

The qualitative aspect: 

  • What worked well?
  • What has been a failure?
  • What lessons can be learned?
  • What did your competitors do and did their actions work well for them? How can you top your competitors’ success without copying?
  • What have others done in and outside of your business sector that you found interesting and want to consider integrating into your own business this year?  

The quantitative aspect: 

  • What product/service(s) is bringing in the most income?
  • What are the products/services you’re working on for the future and how do those fit into your business and the market as a whole? 

Let the following three statements become a mantra you keep in mind for each milestone: 

  • Define your business’s next milestone
  • Analyze what milestones you are currently meeting
  • Change things until you meet and/or exceed that next milestone 

It is useless to spend this year doing the same things you did last year that didn’t get good results, but many people get stuck in patterns without realizing it, which can sometimes lead to a distorted view of reality where you’re putting all your attention on a tree that hides the forest.  

Here's What to Do: 

  • Analyze the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your business for the previous year.  
  • Note successful strategies you can integrate into your business as well as strategies your busincess can strengthen this year.  

This is part two of a five-part series. Stay tuned for the next post in the series, which will be published next month!  

Writer Bio

Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Magentodevelopers.online, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.

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